Hilton Korley

Accra, Ghana

“It’s been 19 years since I started painting, and I got interested because I had a passion to draw and paint at an early age. I got attracted to the colour combinations in forming a concept, moving away from the work to examine it when done. I wasn’t taught by anyone, because I studied bricklaying in school and after school I diverted into painting. I used the ink of my father, who was a writer, to draw images I would see around; and I would sell art works on paper to make a living. Later I read and attended a few part-time classes to become unique in my own way. I repaint works which I don’t like, to get the correct one. The materials I use are paper, canvas, and acrylic and oil paints. I had to buy the materials in bits and it took months to get them. After I got the materials and painted, I had to wait for a work to sell so I could get enough cash to paint another.

“Starting on my own wasn’t easy. I lost my elder brother, who assisted my dad in taking care of the family. He was so sick, and as I visited him at the hospital and saw him die, it was a big blow to me, and I thank God I have overcome that.
“I mastered this work by understanding the skills of big artists who have made names for themselves. I have also visited other artists to observe how they paint and improve upon my skills. I have helped students with their projects and I have had the chance to tutor at four different institutional programs.
“My favourite thing about my work is discovering new styles and colour combinations to create a refreshing match. My inspirations come from watching TV, the environment where I live and also taking pictures of things that fascinates me. My hopes and dreams are to make my works more appealing to buyers; to improve on the quality of my work; and to become one of the best African artists.”


113 Lavender Hill
London, UK, SW11 5QL
+44 (0)20 7223 9334

Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am – 6pm
Weekends: 11am – 4pm
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